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Who We Are

Our mission is to open doors for high-achieving learners through access to high quality, skills-based instruction written by rock-star teachers.

We are authors, editors, educators, and content specialists committed to creating a diverse selection of resources that focus on advanced learners—a student demographic whose needs have long been ignored and devalued.

We've worked with educational start-ups and mega corps alike, and found—at both levels—an astounding disinterest in developing Pre-AP* and AP* resources. Even among corporate educational powerhouses—giants with giant resources—there is very little attention paid to top-tier students.

Sherpa Learning is all about helping high-achieving learners ascend to greater heights.

Sharp minds crave growth, creativity, diversity, and competition. We understand that high-achieving students need, want, and deserve the same advancement opportunities as other students. We also know they need support—not only to master every aspect of their course load, but to be challenged in creative and varied ways so that they, too, can continue to grow and redefine their potential.

How do we know all this? Because we were those high-achieving students, and we are their teachers. We relate to these students and their lesser educational marketplace appeal, because we were them (and still are—we will never be done learning).

We build resources for the top tier of high school and junior high students---a demographic that often gets ignored.

What We Believe

Before we set out to build this company,
we identified our core philosophies.


We recognize and value that every student, school, and district is unique, therefore we will create products with built-in flexibility and customizable components.

Ease of Use

Educational tools should be simple and intuitive; they should save time, not require it.



We are not interested in creating content that we think is great; our mission is to build solutions that you need.


A high quality-to-value ratio is of paramount importance and we will always balance our offerings, understanding that you must be cost-conscious and confident about investing in our products.

We give high-level learners the resources they need to succeed through college and beyond.
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Join our Team

The Sherpa Learning team would not be complete without YOU. We know that educators are interested in making a contribution to the development of the materials they use. We think that's a great idea.


Product Reviewers

Help us mold our content while you mold minds. Preview content and tell us what you like, what you don't agree with, and what's missing.


Class-Testers & Beta-Testers

Take some of our newest materials for a test drive. You get first dibs on viewing new content FOR FREE; we get your input. Everybody wins.


Writers & Authors

Whether you have your own concepts in mind or you're just interested in contributing to a developing project, we'd be happy to have your help.

Our Services

Even the best climbers in the world need a sherpa. Let us help you carry the load.

School Partnerships

We believe it takes a village, so we encourage schools and/or districts who are interested in piloting one of our programs (especially digital) to raise their hand.

Professional Development

Let us connect you with expert educators and content specialists to help you build the most effective program for your students.

Custom Content

We work with leading authors & educators to create customized lessons and targeted curriculum plans in your discipline.

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