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Simply put, we believe that all of our products should be the result of constant collaboration with the fine folks who will be using them—teachers like you! Sherpa Learning was born of frustration with traditional resources and the process that goes into their development. We were tired of watching innovative projects, conceived by leading educators, get discontinued or deformed on the boardroom table. We decided to do something to change it and we knew that would start by staying true to educators and their vision.
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How it Works

As we work with educators across the country to plan resource development and testing, we will contact Teams Sherpa members who are an interest and subject area match. We invite those members to participate in a specific collaborative exercise, which may include class- or beta-testing, reviewing, and writing.

You decide if you'd like to know more and accept our invitation, or you may decline. There are no commitments. If your schedule changes, or if you feel the process isn't benefiting you in the ways you had hoped, then you’re free to bow out at any time. There are also no size limitations—individual teachers and entire districts are encouraged to participate. We won’t bombard your inbox with promotions. We’ll only contact you to let you know about new projects and opportunities when they come up, and the occasional special offer.

Perhaps most importantly, there are no strings attached. You’re not obligated or expected to buy anything. All we ask in return is honest, constructive feedback.

Last, but certainly not least, all members of Team Sherpa are entitled to FREE SHIPPING and 10% OFF every order from Sherpa Learning!

Team Roles

The roles/arrangements described below are general concepts, not rigid formulas. We are more than happy to customize an arrangement to better suit your needs.
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Help us mold our content while you mold minds. Preview content and tell us what you like, what you don't agree with, and what's missing.


Take some of our newest materials for a test drive. You get first dibs on viewing new content FOR FREE; we get your input. Everybody wins.


Whether you have your own concepts in mind or you're just interested in contributing to a developing project, we'd be happy to have your help.

  • Content Reviewers

    This isn’t a new concept. We want to know what you think about the materials we’re developing. We’ll send you materials to review, and you let us know what you think. Your level of involvement from there is up to you. You may decide that the materials are just not a good fit for your classes. Or you may feel that, with a few adjustments, they could be of benefit to your students. Or – and this is what we’re both hoping for – you’ll be so smitten with the materials that you’ll start using them in class the next day.

  • Review our newest content and let us know what you think!
  • Class-Testers

    This is exactly what it sounds like. You put the materials to use in your classes and let us know how they perform. Depending on the current phase of the project, materials will be provided to you and your students. Again, all we ask in return is casual feedback. Of course, we’ll happily take it further than “casual,” but we’re trying to come on slowly.

  • Beta-Testers

    Similar to class-testing, but in the digital realm. You and your students get free access to the materials on our digital learning platform. In exchange, we ask for feedback about the apps or sites. We’re not trying to turn your students into guinea pigs – any apps that we beta-test will be entirely functional and tested extensively on our end before your students log in for the first time.

  • Writers

    In certain project cases, we seek help from freelance writers (always teachers) to help us fill in the gaps or to create additional exercises. Writing is paid work, but we look for individuals who have already interacted with the materials, like reviewers and class-testers, before we consider individuals from the pool of writers on Team Sherpa. Extensive teaching experience is required, though previous writing experience is not.

  • Authors

    If you have an idea for an educational resource—a book, an app, or anything in-between—we'd love to hear about it. You are welcome to send us a sample, or to contact us about setting a up time to discuss. We're always interested in connecting with teachers who are passionate about their students and the resources they use. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

School Partnerships

Just like with the class-testing scenario, we’ll give you access to, or physical copies of, our new materials for you to use in your classes as you see fit. However, for a partnership, we’ll custom-build new exercises to seamlessly integrate with your curriculum plan. Then, you tell us what works and what doesn’t, and we’ll make it better.

What makes this a true partnership is that both sides benefit. In the end, you know you’re getting high-quality content from expert teachers built specifically for your students. And we know that the end result will be something practical and effective that we can confidently promote to others. It’s a win-win.

For a (very) detailed look at how a school partnership works, be sure to check out the Sherpa blog series “A Truly Different Approach” by founder/CEO David Nazarian. David is documenting our ongoing partnerships for one of our current projects, Tony Maccarella’s Mastering Document Analysis.

Team Sherpa partnerships are centered around our new projects, but we also do school partnerships as a service. For more information, please visit our services page.





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