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Mastering Document Analysis


A 3-Step Approach to Finding the Past

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in 3 Simple Steps

Analyzing primary sources vastly expands students’ understanding of important historical events, while also promoting the development of high-level critical thinking skills. MDA presents students with a simple and effective 3-step approach to extract information from primary and secondary source documents so that they can make a deep and meaningful connection with the past.


Guided examples in each lesson give students a hands-on demonstration for every type of historical document.


Tony’s relaxed tone and engaging anecdotes make a daunting task less intimidating and never boring.


Individual lessons directly address 20 different document types so students develop a complete foundation of this valuable skill.

Did you know that students in all 3 AP history courses struggled with short-answer questions involving a secondary source, and less than 15% were able to earn all 3 evidence points on the DBQ?

Mastering Document Analysis will give your students the tools they need to think through any type of source, glean what matters, develop a contextual understanding, and assess the source as historical evidence. Plus, MDA is designed to work in any high school history course. Order your class set today and give your students the skills to stand out from the crowd.

About the Author

Author Tony Maccarella

Tony Maccarella, or as students past and present call him, “Mr. Mac,” has been teaching social studies since 1982, and is currently teaching AP World History and AP Macroeconomics at Saddle River Day School, in Saddle River, NJ.

Prior to this, he taught AP European History at Parsippany Hills High School, in Parsippany, NJ for over 10 years. Additionally, Mr. Mac has taught AP U.S. History, Comparative Governments, Anthropology, Psychology, Microeconomics, and Military History.

Since 2002, Tony has served as a Reader and Table Leader for the AP European History exam for ETS. He is responsible for scoring AP European History exam questions, supervising other readers, and assisting with the clarification of scoring standards. You may also run into Tony at one of the many guest lecturer appearances he makes at social studies conference across the Northeast.

Tony is an avid traveler. He has bicycled across the United States, motorcycled to Sturgis and back, studied in China, and traveled throughout Italy with his wife, family, and students from seven different European History classes.