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Mastering the Essay

Mastering the Essay

AP World History Edition
Advanced Writing & Historical Thinking Skills for AP World History

Date of Availability:

Instructional Handbook - Available Now

Exercise Workbook - Summer 2018

Initial Pricing:

Instructional Handbook: $18.00

Exercise Workbook: $20.00

Print Combo: $32.00

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Overview: Mastering the Essay is a supplemental resource focused on building strong essay-writing and historical thinking skills, and is specifically created for the redesigned Advanced Placement World History curriculum framework and 2017 exam.

Mastering the Essay will come in two parts:

The Instructional Handbook

The Instructional Handbook provides step-by-step guidance toward developing a writing process that will help students earn every possible point on the exam essays. Additionally, the Handbook offers guided examples for all of the exercise types included in the Exercise Workbook.

The Exercise Workbook

The Exercise Workbook contains over 100 practice exercises designed to strengthen the skills introduced in the Instructional Handbook. Additionally, the Workbook includes three Practice Tests (writing sections only), as well as complete answers and explanations for each and every exercise.

Samples of Mastering the Essay for AP World History

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