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Threads of History in the Kindle Store

Threads of History in the Kindle Store

The Perfect AP U.S. History Review Tool in Digital Form

Sherpa Learning is proud to announce that the Student Edition of Threads of History, 2nd Edition by Michael Henry, Ph.D. is now available as an ebook. The 2nd Edition, which is updated for the revised 2015 AP U.S. History course and exam, is available immediately for download from the Kindle Store on

Since Amazon's Kindle app is available for both Android and iOS, the ebook can be viewed on nearly any device. The ebooks are priced at a significantly reduced rate from their print counterparts, making the digital version a more cost-effective solution, appropriately released during the height of the AP exam prep season.

The arrival of ebooks is the first of several digital resource roll-outs the independent publisher plans for 2017. According to Founding CEO David Nazarian, both the Mastering the Essay titles (the series includes AP World and AP European History editions) and the 3rd edition of U.S. History Skillbook are slated to be released through the iBooks store (on iTunes) for Apple devices in April 2017. "Most schools and home-schoolers or self-studying AP students are using either Kindle or Nook platforms, so we pushed to get those ready first, making sure to allow ample time for end-user testing. Now we can turn our attention to iBooks, knowing we are accessible across any device."

This expansion into ebooks will enable educators and students within districts that have transitioned to a digital learning environment instant access to Sherpa's supplemental resources. As of 2016, more than a third of all high school students in the United States participate in a one-to-one program. As a result of this ebook initiative, thousands of students and teachers participating in one-to-one exclusive programs will have access to Sherpa Learning's supplemental offerings.

The Threads of History Student Edition consists of 35 core lessons, each focusing on a major topic or theme in the AP U.S. History curriculum. Each lesson includes an introduction that helps students establish historical context, data charts to help students synthesize historical data, multiple-choice questions to test comprehension, primary source documents with multiple- and short-answer questions written in the new exam format to help deepen analysis and evaluation skills. Each Teacher’s Edition includes 10 detailed lesson plans, distribution charts to help educators integrate Threads into their existing curriculum, suggested responses for Long Essay Questions (LEQs) and Document-Based Questions (DBQs), as well as rubrics and rubric helpers. The Teacher's Companion Resource also comes with exclusive access to additional resources on the Teacher Companion Website. Both print and ebook versions of Threads can be purchased on the publishers website, sherpalearning,com, or by calling 862-345-7668 (POs can be faxed to 973-406-4620).