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Sherpa Learning Partners with Amazon

Sherpa Learning Partners with Amazon

for Release of 3rd Edition of U.S. History Skillbook

West Milford, NJ — Sherpa Learning will now distribute the print edition of their latest offering, the recently released 3rd Edition of U.S. History Skillbook - Practice and Application of Historical Thinking Skills for AP* U.S. History by Michael (Mike) Henry, Ph.D., worldwide on Sherpa Learning has chosen to offer the 3rd edition of Skillbook as both an Amazon Prime and Super Saver Shipping listing so all customers have access to free shipping.

The 3rd Edition of U.S. History Skillbook features 37 chapters of practice and application exercises that will provide students with a solid foundation of the essential Historical Thinking Skills at the heart of the AP* U.S. History curriculum. Carefully sequenced essay skill exercises help students dissect a prompt, make a writing plan, develop a thesis, and use appropriate support for their written argument. Skillbook now includes detailed answers and explanations to support both independent and group study experiences.

For Sherpa Learning, partnering with Amazon comes with over 224 million active users1 and an unrivaled global visibility, a highly desirable perk as Advanced Placement courses, namely AP U.S. History, become more popular internationally. The publisher plans to add titles to their Amazon partnership in the next few months, with Mastering the Essay, AP European History Edition by Tony Maccarella slated as the next AP/Pre-AP/Honors resource to join. All AP resources that Sherpa Learning publishes will continue to be available, in both print and digital formats, on the company's website:

Founder/CEO David Nazarian explained that it can be difficult for a small company with limited volume to be able to have their products stocked by Amazon. He went on to say, "We’ve been pouring the majority of our bootstrappy, self-funded dollars into research & development, rather than sales and marketing (a much more common approach), we literally couldn't afford to sell on Amazon at first because their commission was just too high. Their commission was too damn high!That commission would typically come from a robust marketing budget. But now, thanks to our increased volume, we can absorb Amazon's cut." He elaborated on this, saying, "This is big news for us because it means our decision to focus on quality and rely on word-of-mouth marketing was the right one. It’s not winning-the-lottery big, like my father-in-law initially thought when I casually mentioned that Skillbook would be sold on Amazon (one of his favorite places to shop). He suddenly looked sick or agitated, and then said, ‘Well. Wow. I mean. I don't know what to say. That's incredible.’ After a few glasses of wine it became clear he misunderstood the gravity of the arrangement."

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*AP is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

1 -Announcement, Amazon 2014 Annual Shareholder Meeting; Jeff Bezos, Seattle. Reported by