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Preparing over the Summer for AP Euro

What Can I Do Over the Summer to Prepare for AP Euro in the Fall?

First of all, our thanks to all of the Redditors in r/APStudents who chimed in with their questions for Tony. For this fourth video of the series, Tony was asked about how a student could prepare for an upcoming Advanced Placement history course. That's a great question, though we suspect some may not care much for the answer. But hear him out! We think you might actually enjoy the experience.

With the recent course and exam redesigns for all 3 of the AP history courses, skills-related guidance, like the advice Tony shares in this series, applies equally to any of the 3 courses. They each now share the same exam and exam question formats, the same rubrics, and the same historical thinking skills. So AP World and AP U.S. History students can benefit from this series, as well.

If you have any AP history questions of your own that you'd like to see Tony answer, feel free to send them to us at

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