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U.S. History Skillbook

Fourth Edition


Practice and Application of Historical Thinking Skills for AP* U.S. History

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AP U.S. History
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U.S. History
The FOURTH Edition

Skillbook builds skills. It breaks the Disciplinary Practices and Reasoning Skills of the AP* U.S. History course into clear, concise, unintimidating lessons—37 of them, each with guided and independent exercises.

The topics of the chapters build from simple to more advanced, while the content of the chapters (examples and exercise topics) is arranged chronologically to align to the 9 Historical Time Periods.

Skillbook includes a wide array of primary and secondary sources, both textual and visual, along with tools for analyzing sources of all types---maps, graphs, photos, illustrations, cartoons, letters, data tables, and more.

Skillbook also covers the ins-and-outs of short-answer questions, and includes thorough course and exam guides, worksheets, period summaries, and detailed answers and explanations.


to reflect the latest course and exam revisions for the 2018 exam.


through extensive user feedback with each new edition.


by dozens of top educators in the AP U.S. History community.

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Featuring detailed practice and application of


—the ideal tool for analyzing, interpreting, and organizing documents for use in a Document-Based Question response.

Online Resources
  • Period Overviews: a comprehensive review of the main ideas, trends, and events of each of the 9 Chronological Periods in AP U.S. History
  • Ideas for Discussion: targeted questions designed to enhance student understanding of the most significant aspects of the historical period, and which are suited for class discussion, small group, or even independent study
  • Highlights of the Period: a glossary of key historical events, people, and essential terms
  • Visual Source Exercises: Maps, Charts & Graphs, Political Cartoons, Paintings, Illustrations, and Photographs with analysis questions for additional practice for extracting and interpreting data from visual primary sources
  • Worksheet Templates blank printable worksheets for each of the tools demonstrated in the book, like H.I.P.P.O., the A.C.I.D. test, D.A.I.L.Y. cartoon analysis, rubric guides, DBQ and LEQ Planners, and more

About the Author

Author Michael Henry, Ph.D.

Michael Henry, Ph.D., served as the Exam Leader at the AP U.S. History exam reading for 8 years, in addition to his many years as Reader and Table Leader. Dr. Henry taught AP U.S. History for over twenty years in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and has written 4 books, 6 teacher’s guides, and twenty articles.He has given dozens of professional presentations and workshops across the country and has served as a consultant to the College Board. Currently, he is serving as adjunct professor of history at Prince George’s Community College and is a member of the Organization of American Historians. He lives in College Park, MD with his wife Ann and is a die-hard fan of the Washington Nationals.