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AP U.S. History Combo


AP U.S. History Combo for Students

Updated for the Redesigned Course and 2017 Exam


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AP U.S. History
Honors U.S. History
U.S. History

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U.S. History Skillbook

Skillbook builds skills. It breaks the Disciplinary Practices and Reasoning Skills of the AP* U.S. History course into clear, concise, unintimidating lessons—37 of them, each with guided and independent exercises. The 4th Edition has been updated for the 2018 exam.

U.S. History Skillbook, 3rd Ed. sampler

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Updated 3rd Edition

Carefully sequenced essay skill exercises help students dissect a prompt, make a writing plan, develop a thesis, and use appropriate support for their written argument. The new, updated 3rd Edition includes:

  • Dozens of exam-level LEQ and DBQ writing prompts to develop and practice the essential skills for writing high-scoring essays
  • A detailed approach to using H.I.P.P.O. for analyzing, interpreting, and organizing documents for use in a DBQ essay
  • Tools, strategies, and worksheets for analyzing visual primary sources like maps, graphs, political cartoons, photographs, and more
  • AP Course and Exam guide with test-taking tips from one of the most experienced AP U.S. History exam readers!
Threads of History

Threads utilizes a unique approach to deepen student comprehension of content, context, and the complexity of historical themes. The new Second Edition is updated for the revised AP* U.S. History course and exam.

Threads of History, 2nd Ed. sampler

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Updated 2nd Edition

The SE consists of 35 core lessons, each focusing on a major topic or theme in the AP* U.S. History curriculum. Each lesson contains:

  • A Topic Introduction to establish historical context for the topic/theme
  • Data Charts that help students synthesize historical data on the topic/theme of the lesson
  • Multiple-Choice Questions to test comprehension of the data chart
  • Primary Source Documents, including document excerpts, maps, political cartoons, and photographs, that correspond to the topic/theme
  • Multiple-Choice and Short-Answer Questions about the primary source (in the new exam format) to develop analysis and evaluation skills

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