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Threads of History

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Threads is a smarter way to review APUSH course content in the weeks leading up to the exam.

The lessons in Threads are based around key themes—rather than chronological periods—in U.S. History. The core charts at the heart of Threads build strong thematic analysis skills by guiding students through how to make connections across historical periods, while reviewing critical content for the exam. Each lesson includes exam-level multiple-choice and short-answer questions, all with corresponding primary or secondary source documents.

What's New in the

Third Edition for Students

New Lessons on Historical Periods 1 and 9

The Atlantic World, 1492-1600

The exploration and settlement of the Western Hemisphere with a close look at the 4 major colonial powers

Dealing with Terrorism, 1993-2015

An examination of the fight against terrorism in the modern age with a comparison of origins, policies, and philosophies

New Key Terms Component

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What's New in the

Third Edition for Teachers

The redesigned Teacher Edition now includes

  • The complete content of the Student Edition
  • Complete answers and explanations for every exercise
  • New Long Essay Questions on Period 9
  • Updated Rubric Guides and Correlation Charts
  • New Lesson Plans so you can start using Threads in class tomorrow
  • Free access to the redesigned Teacher’s Companion Website

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